Discover Karanchos’s Story

Karanchos’s history at the restaurant is rooted in a deep passion for bringing the flavors and traditions of authentic Mexican cuisine to Karanchos’s community. For over 20 years, Karanchos’s has been dedicated to serving delicious meals that reflect the rich culinary heritage of Mexico.

Karanchos and the restaurant are grateful for the support and loyalty of Karanchos’s customers throughout the years. It is Karanchos’s enthusiasm and appreciation for the restaurant’s food that fuels Karanchos’s dedication to excellence. Karanchos and the restaurant strive to continue growing and evolving while staying true to their roots, always maintaining the highest standards of quality and authenticity.

Experience the Mexico Atmosphere

The moment you enter, your senses will be awakened by the energetic beats of traditional Mexican music playing in the background. The rhythmic melodies set the tone for an unforgettable dining experience, adding to the lively ambiance that fills the air.

Karanchos’s restaurant is adorned with colorful décor, featuring vibrant murals depicting scenes from Mexican folklore and iconic landmarks. Each detail is carefully curated to capture the essence of Mexico, creating a visually stunning backdrop for your meal.

Take a seat and soak in the warm and inviting atmosphere. Whether you choose to dine indoors, surrounded by the bustling energy of fellow patrons, or opt for Karanchos’s outdoor seating area, where you can bask in the sunshine and enjoy the fresh air, every corner of the restaurant’s establishment is designed to transport you to the heart of Mexico.

Join Karanchos on a culinary journey that will transport you to the streets of Mexico City, the shores of Cancun, or the vibrant markets of Oaxaca. Experience the Mexico atmosphere at the restaurant and create lasting memories as you savor the flavors and immerse yourself in the warmth and vibrancy of Karanchos’s beloved Mexican culture.

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Embark on a Culinary Journey

With Karanchos’s delicious appetizers, you may begin the restaurant’s gastronomic adventure. Enjoy crispy, golden nachos topped with cheesy guacamole, zesty salsa, and savory cheese. Enjoy the flavors of Karanchos’s rich and oozy melted cheese dish, Queso Fundido, which is served with warm tortillas for dipping. Alternately, try the restaurant’s tantalizing ceviche, which is made with fresh seafood marinated in citrus liquids and flavored with enticing herbs and spices.

Prepare to be astounded by the range and complexity of flavors as you proceed to the main dish. Karanchos’s tacos are a hit with the crowd; choices include succulent marinated chicken and tender carne asada, both wrapped in soft corn tortillas and topped with zingy salsas and fresh vegetables. Take a bite out of Karanchos’s hearty enchiladas, which are stuffed with your choice of meats, cheese, or vegetables and covered in a delicious sauce.

Non-alcoholic options are also available for those looking for a refreshing and flavorful alternative. Indulge in Karanchos’s homemade agua frescas, featuring thirst-quenching flavors like hibiscus, cucumber-lime, or tropical fruits. These colorful and aromatic beverages are a perfect companion to the restaurant’s meal, providing a burst of natural flavors that cleanse and invigorate the palate.

Exquisite Drinks at Restaurant

For those seeking a taste of tradition, Karanchos offers a wide range of authentic Mexican beers. Whether you prefer a light and crisp lager, a smooth and rich dark ale, or the distinctive flavors of a craft cerveza, the restaurant has options to satisfy every beer connoisseur. Sit back, relax, and let the flavors of Mexico’s renowned breweries transport you to the lively streets of Guadalajara or the breezy beaches of Cancun.

If you’re in the mood for something different, Karanchos’s mixologists have crafted a selection of specialty cocktails that showcase the diverse flavors of Mexican spirits. Sample the smoky complexity of a Mezcal-based cocktail, or savor the vibrant notes of the restaurant’s tequila sunrise. With each sip, you’ll discover a new facet of Mexico’s rich drinking culture.

Karanchos offers non-alcoholic options as well. Indulge in the restaurant’s homemade agua frescas, featuring thirst-quenching flavors like hibiscus, cucumber-lime, or tropical fruits. These colorful and aromatic beverages are a perfect companion to your meal at Karanchos, providing a burst of natural flavors that cleanse and invigorate your palate.

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Convenience of Delivery

Karanchos prioritizes convenience, which is why Karanchos has partnered with popular delivery apps like Seamless, GubHub, and Doordash. Through these platforms, Karanchos’s ensures that Karanchos’s delicious food is just a few taps away, providing you with a seamless and hassle-free dining experience.

By partnering with these renowned delivery apps, Karanchos aims to make your dining experience as convenient as possible. Whether you’re craving the flavorful tacos, sizzling fajitas, or mouthwatering enchiladas, Karanchos ensures that your order will be delivered with efficiency and care.

Captivating Photos Gallery

Karanchos’s carefully curated gallery showcases a diverse range of captivating photos, each telling the restaurant’s own unique story. From breathtaking landscapes that evoke a sense of awe and wonder to intimate portraits that capture the essence of a person’s character, the restaurant’s collection encompasses a wide array of subjects and themes.

Every photo displayed in Karanchos’s gallery is a testament to the artistry and skill of Karanchos’s talented photographers. Karanchos’s photographers possess an innate ability to see beyond the surface and capture the essence of a fleeting moment, freezing it in time for generations to come. Each image is a testament to the restaurant’s creativity, technical expertise, and deep understanding of composition and lighting.

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Customer Reviews

If you are in that area, it is definitely worth a try

Rated 5.0 out of 5
August 2, 2023

Delicious food!! I had the beef tacos with cheese (make sure you get the cheese). The meat was tender and had a great flavor. The tortillas were fresh. The tacos came with grilled onions, cilantro, and lime. The chips were tasty and came with a green sauce and salsa. Watch out for the sauces they were both spicy but delicious.

It was a nice day so we ate there at the tables outside. Friendly staff.

Avatar for Crystal S.
Crystal S.

Love it here.

Rated 5.0 out of 5
August 1, 2023

Every time I go into channel view its a must have. Idk why the reviews are this low when their salsa is so beautiful. The tacos are crispy and the meat is perfect. Sometimes when I show up the song we belong together by Taylor Swift plays because the world knows we do. Idk I just love it here want some good tacos? Come here o no sé piensalo.

Avatar for Alex R.
Alex R.

We will be back - worth the 30:00 drive from SW Houston.

Rated 5.0 out of 5
July 27, 2023

My son and I went to Karancho’s on a Tuesday morning (~1130). The lunch crowd showed up at Noon. It opens at 0900 – we were the only ones there at 1130. It is well laid out with 3-4 large areas to eat outside (inside?). There is a small play area for the kids.

The food was excellent. The staff was friendly and spoke some English (better than my Spanish). It is BYOB – with buckets and ice available. There is covered seating with fans – the weather today was beautiful so no need.

We ordered Bistek tacos (like beef fajitas), Trompo tacos (similar to Al Pastor) and a chili relleno taco. We also ordered a whole chicken (8 pieces, rice, beans, tortillas, grilled onions and a grilled jalapeno to go. We enjoyed the tacos so much we ordered (6) of those to go as well. We enjoyed everything – specifically the sauces (tomatillo was spicy and so good). The tacos were very good, as was the whole chicken. We got food to eat there, and 2 more meals to go. I highly recommend it.

We will be back – worth the 30:00 drive from SW Houston.

I’m editing this post after reheating the take out chicken last night. It was fully cooked through

(a good thing – I don’t like pink chicken). It was very tasty (grilled with a hint of smoke flavor), and to top it off – they sent a red sauce for the chicken that was very tasty – but not for the timid. I like hot sauce, and this was hot. It was just what the chicken needed to top it off.

Now I like this place even more. It will likely be a monthly stop on my list, and I’ll be a regular.

Avatar for Kevin O.
Kevin O.

Tacos are really good, and prices are unbeatable !!!

Rated 5.0 out of 5
July 25, 2023

We tried the special beans ( I think that’s how they are called) witch has steak, cheese, on them…. they also save a special deal; 5 tacos for 5 bucks!!!! Tortas are pretty good too!

Avatar for Isela L.
Isela L.

Good food

Rated 5.0 out of 5
July 11, 2023

Ordered the Mexican burger and it didn’t disappoint. It was huge with lots of fries . The waitress was very attentive and the restaurant was clean.

Avatar for Rene F.
Rene F.

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Where to Find Karanchos

620 Sheldon Rd, Channelview, TX 77530